Toledo Freepress: Proof 419 combines passion for bread, local craft beer

On April 19, local bread company Proof 419 will premiere three original bread recipes at the Toledo Farmers’ Market. Each of these recipes is based around Maumee Bay Beer, a favorite of co-owner Tucker Lux.

“Proofing” is a term used in bread making to describe the fermentation of yeast. Lux ties this term in with a quote from Benjamin Franklin, “Beer is proof that God exists and he wants us to be happy.”

“It’s been pretty well-received,” Lux said. “My wife and I were looking for a way to make some extra money. I’ve been obsessive about bread for quite a while, and she had the idea, since we’re both into craft beer, to try to make artisan breads instead of just doing things that have already been done.”

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