Glass City Pale Ale

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(4 customer reviews)

Boasting the essence of grapefruit and citrus, aromatic Citra hops make this ale dangerously drinkable on a warm day, but always a good choice year round.


Release Date
All Year
Availability Type:
Growler Fills
Six Pack
Twelve Pack
Tier 2
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4 thoughts on “Glass City Pale Ale

  1. This is one of my favorite local craft beers – the first time I had it I thought it was an IPA for sure. The flavor invokes notes of citrus with a clean finish, drinkable at any time and not a heavy beer at all. Definitely one of my favorite beers year round…not to mention I found them in 6-packs at my local Kroger!

  2. I live in Strongsville, OH (suburb of of Cleveland) and found this beer at a local Heinen’s grocery store. Sipping on the beer while watching March Madness. This beer is true to its style–a great pale ale. After pouring into a pilsner glass, the beer maintained a decent foam head. A fruity aroma was present. Regarding drinkability, the citra hops was ever present. A well balance fruity taste along with a bit of dryness. I would purchase this beer again.

  3. Light enough to drink a few but more citrus and hoppy taste than most light ales. Distinctive taste in a category filled with offerings.

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