Toledo Freepress: Maumee Bay Brewing Co. set to debut bourbon barrel-aged stout

How do you make a local beer rated “world-class” by Beer Advocate magazine any better? For brewer Clint McLaughlin and Maumee Bay Brewing Company, the simple answer was to put it in some bourbon barrels and let aging do the rest.

On Dec. 3, Maumee Bay Brewing Company will release its first group of bourbon barrel-aged beers, which includes three versions of its popular Total Eclipse Breakfast Stout.

Dubbed “”breakfast in a glass,” Total Eclipse Breakfast Stout is brewed with copious amounts of oats and lactose for a smooth mouth-feel. In addition, it is infused with espresso beans from local roaster Flying Rhino. The massive imperial stout has an alcohol by volume of 9.1 percent prior to barrel-aging, which typically adds 1 to 2 percent alcohol by volume.

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