Brew Review Crew: Maumee Bay Brewing Company – A Brewery Review

The craft beer scene is exploding in the United States. Every year, more and more breweries open their doors, eager to win the hearts, minds, and palettes of a growing mass of beer enthusiasts. One specific area that is truly blossoming in this brave new world of beer is the Midwest. Michigan; home to craft beer giants such as Founder’s and Bell’s, arguably acts as the anchor to this craft beer haven. That being said, Ohio has begun to make a name for itself as well! Ohio is home to many terrific craft breweries such as Fat Heads; who won the Gold Medal for the hyper-competitive IPA category at G.A.B.F. in 2013, Great Lakes Brewing Company, and Hoppin’ Frog make up just a small portion of over 90 craft breweries in the Buckeye State alone!

While most of Ohio’s large metropolises have budding craft beer scenes, the one city that is somewhat lacking a strong brewery presence is Toledo. While Columbus, Cincinnati, Cleveland and Akron all have numerous breweries, Toledo has just two, and of that two, only one has a brewpub. That one gem in the Glass City is known as Maumee Bay Brewing Company.

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